Condoms not only protect against unwanted pregnancy but also against HIV and most STDs. You can buy condoms in supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores and in some petrol stations, for instance. Condoms can only be used once.

1. Carefully open the condom package.
2. If you are uncircumcised, pull back the foreskin of your penis.
3. Squeeze the tip of the condom, and place the rolled-up condom on the erect penis.
4. Roll the condom down the entire penis.

After ejaculating, pull the penis out with the condom still on. Hold the condom at the base of the penis as you do so.


For women, there are also female condoms. A woman can use them when a man is unwilling to use a condom. Female condoms are available for purchase from a pharmacist or online.

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